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  1. TrailMix… portable music and walking along the St Lawrence

    April 17, 2015 by Mike

    TrailMix-Icon-128I’m going off the beaten path with this post; not so much about boats, but about beats.  I found a neat app I thought I’d share with you, one that I tried on my daily 20 minute walk, and loved!  Whether you’re walking along the St. Lawrence River or elsewhere, I think you’ll find it useful if you walk while listening to your portable music player collection.

    It’s a music player called TrailMix Music Player from Resonant Technologies, LLC.  (By the way, I’m not affiliated in any way with them, nor do I get any compensation from them.  I just though I’d share a cool app with you today!)

    What makes it different?  It matches the tempo of the song you’re playing to your stride!  It’s that simple but it works great. If you like a stroll, the music matches it.  If you like to jog, the music matches it.  It works with your music collection (after I installed it, it immediately allowed me to play my iTunes collection).  The songs play one after another so there’s no stopping in mid-run/walk to change anything.

    Their website describes their “With the Pace Playlist” feature, which combines the best of both worlds: playlist creation and live tempo adjustment. Using a Pace Playlist, you can make a playlist simply by selecting a speed. The app automatically finds songs at or near the pace you’ve selected.TrailMix app

    You can download it from the iTunes Store (iPhone only), it comes in a free version (the one I’m using) and a Pro version for $3.99, and their website is

    So there ya go!  I also wanted to mention how neat it is to follow so many neat 1000 Islanders on Twitter – you really know how to keep me feeling a bit closer to that great place.  I’m fascinated by the info on ship traffic and some of the pics included are super!  Keep on tweetin’ !










  2. What’s in a Wordle?

    May 24, 2013 by Mike

    Ever wonder what’s in a blog?  The focus can change based on what’s been posted over time.  For example, a year ago, this was the word cloud I built from based on the content associated with this site:

    Blog wordcloud 2012

    Blog wordcloud from 2012


    Just recently, I produced another word cloud and got this result:

    word cloud 2013

    Blog wordcloud from 2013


    It’s pretty interesting, but what does it mean?  When I started this blog, my intent was to highlight the Steel King boat I grew up on in the 1000 Islands during the 1960’s on Calumet Island.  It still is a main focus as I discover more about the heritage of this boat line from Grafton Boat Works.  However, I realized as I started blogging that what made those days special was not only the Steel King, but Calumet Island and the 1000 Islands region I was so familiar with.  The sights I saw, the sounds I heard, the fish, the waves, the wind, the weather, swimming, dreaming.  So in the second wordle word cloud you can see large text representing that content shift; words like “islands”, “American” and “Adonis” (the ABL tour boat), “Clayton”, “Calumet”.  In the future when I run another word cloud I suspect it will be populated by even more terms that represent the beautiful 1000 Islands.  That’s what I miss.  The boat was the way to be there and see it with my family as my brother and I grew up.  The region is timeless.

    I’m not doing this blog for huge audiences or from an SEO (search engine optimization) perspective, but for the love of boating in the 1000 Islands.  If you have any questions about the Clayton, Alex Bay area or Steel King boats I’d love to hear from you.  Also feel free to follow me on Twitter (see the button at the top of the page or the Twitter Timeline on the sidebar).

    I hope you’re having a great pre-summer and enjoying some of what the 1000 Islands area has to offer!