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St Lawrence Seaway Locks

September 12, 2015 by Mike

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St Lawrence Seaway Locks

Just a quick post abut the St Lawrence Seaway locks.  When my father took his boat in the early 60’s from Rainbow Harbor in the central part of NY State to Clayton, NY in the St Lawrence River, he had to traverse the locks along the way.  I was on that trip as a kid and still remember the locks.  There was a strange sensation of quiet with our engine stopped and I recall being near the wall as the boat slowly rose or descended, watching the embedded ladder rungs go by as we repeatedly slipped our line through them to keep us near the wall, seeing the huge gates slowly swing open, and moving along again.  It’s an amazing sight.

Something to share with you:

So my post is to point to an interesting booklet I found on-line called “Tommy Trent’s ABC’s of the Seaway”.  You can find it here:

ABC’s of the Seaway.

St Lawrence Seaway locks

It’s sort of written in comic book font, blue on white, which makes it quite interesting visually.  There are a ton of diagrams inside that explain the St Lawrence Seaway, terminology, locks, the history of bulk cargo ships, satellite identification system, communication frequencies, ship watcher silhouettes, and more!

Let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment below, and please tell me if you’ve run across any other interesting books about the St Lawrence Seaway locks and your experiences going through them.


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